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Common Questions Answered Here

Do we have a tasting room?

Not yet, but if you are coming through town we would love to see you. Let us know when you will be in town and we can meet up for a vineyard adventure, winery tour or a glass of wine.

What is our basic winemaking philosophy?

First and foremost we aim to make delicious wines that are elegant, layered and have the ability to age. We embrace the sunshine in California, but aim not to abuse it. We fully believe that that powerful wines can be made at low alcohol levels. That being said we don't believe in attaching ourselves to any movement. As with most things in life the best philosophy is usually something in between two extremes.

Are your vineyards organic?

Some are, but not all of our vineyards are organically farmed. All are, at minimum, sustainably farmed. We believe that the farmers we work with make the best decisions possible for the given situation.

Do we care about scores?

Hey, we all like a pat on the back for doing something good, but at the end of the day scores don't mean much to us. If we get a nice round of scores, that is wonderful, and it may help sell some wine. We don't routinely submit our wines to publications. We do when we remember to, or if we are asked and feeling good. We would rather taste with reviewers in person to help give our wines a fair shake, but it is not always possible. We try not to worry about it because we feel it can corrupt (we are human) our approach to winemaking and vineyard management. The best score we can get is a message from a customer telling us about an awesome experience they had with our wines. That is 100pts.