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Pressure Sensitive!

ryan zepaltas

Here at Zepaltas Wines we get a lot of nice comments about our labels, but sadly, we have never formally acknowledged who is behind the packaging designs. I would love for you all to think that I am the genius behind every element of Zepaltas Wines, but it’s not true. Over the years I've been lucky to cross paths with so many talented people, and it's such a cool feeling to collaborate with some of them. I come up with a million half-assed ideas, and the occasional good one. Thankfully, I know some pretty cool designers to help get my ideas translated to the bottle. Here is the first installment of Pressure Sensitive with Mr. Henry Owings, a guy who has been doing a boatload of work for Zepaltas as of late. We talk rock, Atlanta, food and parenting. Enjoy!

–ryan zepaltas

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